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Sylvac S_View D200S Dig Ind Unit
Sylvac S_View D200S Dig Ind Unit Sylvac S_View D200S Digital Indicator Unit back Sylvac S_View D200S Digital Indicator Unit screen Sylvac S_View D200S Digital Indicator Unit display Sylvac S_View D200S Digital Indicator connected to capacitive probes Sylvac S_View D200S Digital Indicator Dynamic measurement of several diameters (OD and ID) of a shaft

Sylvac 30-804-2101 S_View D200S Digital Indicator Unit

Part No:MEB-30-804-2101
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Quick overview

The Sylvac S_View D200S is a computer based unit with extra speed for dynamic measurement and versatility.

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  • Multiplexer with 8 inputs for Sylvac probes P2 to P50
  • Dynamic measurement (200 measurements/sec)
  • Ideal for the layout conception of multi-gauging
  • Possibility of pneumatic lifting of the probes
  • Software allowing the reading of up to 24 channels simultaneously (bar graph)
  • Sending of the measured values in Excel, notepad or specific file
  • Create sequences for sending data
  • Grouped or individual PRESET
  • Mathematic combinations between channels
  • Standalone use possible
  • 2 USB and 1 RS232 Connections
  • Opto-coupled digital output rack

Sylvac SA – With more than 40 years’ expertise and experience, Sylvac SA has become one of the world's leading companies in the field of dimensional measurement. Innovative, ergonomic, durable instruments made in Switzerland with the Swiss Made label. Specialising in precision Micrometers, Calipers, Indicators with options for SPC data output via USB, Bluetooth and wireless. 


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Part Number MEB-30-804-2101
Brand Sylvac
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