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Universal DRO Packages

We stock a range of branded digital readout packages offering the most cost effective option to equip your machine tools with high performance DRO’s. With simple upgrade options to cater for various machine types, sizes or space restrictions on smaller machine tools or on the lathe cross slide.

DRO Packages are available in 2 or 3 axis, in either LED or LCD display console options. To ensure the best fitment to your machine tool packages are available in optical and magnetic encoders or a combination of both sensor types. These allow the selection to be based on functionality, price and available mounting space.

Supplied with the packages are a console mounting arm, user manual, mains power lead, encoder covers, universal bracket kit with slotted angle and flat plates , encoder cable mounting kit including P clips and a standard bolt kit.

Please also feel free to contact our technical staff for further advice on selecting or to order your DRO package.

Universal DRO Packages

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