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Newall DP1200 Three (Plus One) Axis Display Console
Newall DP1200 Three (Plus One) Axis Display Console Newall DP1200 Display console information Newall DP1200 Console Rear

Newall DP1200 Three (Plus One) Axis Digital Read Out Display Console

Part No:DRO-NE-DP1200-3-1X
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Quick overview

The three (plus one) Axis DP1200 three axis display with four axis input where the third and fourth inputs are summed by the console. This was designed specifically for long travel machine tools. It includes features that are essential for increasing productivity on boring mills, VTLs, milling machines and long travel lathes. Built with the operator in  mind, the DP1200 includes large, clear numerical displays and an intuitive color TFT message screen along with an optional DSU.

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  • Newalls universal function Digital Read Out Console with functions for both Mills and Lathes
  • Each axis has a clean, crisp, easy to read 7 segment LED display
  • The high density, high contrast, 3.5" TFT LCD display is intuitive, with a clear simple and easy to use menu system
  • User definable Axis legends
  • The long life membrane keypad is durable and easy to clean
  • The display is in a solid cast construction which is rugged and ergonomically designed
  • It is powered by a safe, low voltage power supply (UL)
  • There are various options for mounting the console thought its single mounting point, mounting arms are available separately. Panel mount version also available
  • The console is suitable for milling, boring, turning, grinding, and general machining operations
  • The console is compatible with both Newall's Spherosyn and Microsyn encoders
  • DP1200 main functions include: Linear and segmented error comp. Undo, Line hole routine, Bolt hole circle routine, Arc contouring, Skew
  • DP1200 advanced functions include: Feed rate display, Axis vectoring/summing, Programmable memory/teach, Polar coordinate readings, Tool offsets, Taper calculations, Real-Time tool path graphics, Auto-zoom
  • Languages available: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Czech, Russian, Portuguese, Danish
  • Please feel free to contact our technical staff for assistance as we will be able to help you choose the best setup for your machine
  • Three axis display with four axis input where the 3rd and 4th inputs are summed by the console.

Newall is a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST) and has specialized for more than 40 years in providing the machine tool and other machinery and production industries with leading edge technologies that increase productivity and machine tool efficiency.

The need for a reliable and highly accurate linear encoder led Newall in 1973 to develop its world renowned Spherosyn linear encoder. Spherosyn incorporates a truly unique design in that none of the electrical or measuring components are exposed to the harsh workshop environment.


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Bedingung new
Artikelposition 5055396196542
Weight (Grams) 3501
Part Number DRO-NE-DP1200-3-1X
Brand Newall
MPN DRO-NE-DP1200-3-1X
Typ anzeigen LED
DRO Type Display Console
Number of Axis 2 (+1) Axis
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