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Mitutoyo Micrometer 2-3"
Mitutoyo Micrometer 2-3" Mitutoyo Micrometer 2-3" - diagram

Mitutoyo Micrometer 2-3"

Part No:MIT-103-179
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Mitutoyo Micrometer 2-3"
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  • A popular Mitutoyo non-digital micrometer with a ratchet stop to guarantee repeatable measurement.
  • Hammertone-green, baked-enamel finished frame with carbide measuring faces
  • Ratchet Stop for excellent repeatability.
  • Range - 2-3"
  • Graduation - 0.001"
  • Flatness - 0.000024", Parallelism - .00008

Mitutoyo History - Celebrating over 80 years in the Metrology industry! Mitutoyo started from humble beginnings in 1934 in Japan and are now recognised as a world leading manufacturer of measuring tools such as micrometers, calipers, and system instrument products such as co-ordinate measuring instruments, form measurement instruments and optical measuring instruments


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Hi,I was wondering h Review von Yerson
Hi,I was wondering how you mersuaed the Z axis to arrive at a much smaller backlash value than the X and Y. I can't say for certain by your pictures but it looks like gravity is working as a sort of antibacklash compensator on the Z. The weight of the carriage/tool would always keep the nut against the bottom thread during measurement but not so much during cutting forces. During the vibration of cutting the tool might be free to go up and down. Not much you can do about that using software compensation but if you get antibacklash nuts, Z would probably be your best first choice I would think. (Am 29.03.2015 gepostet)

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Despatch Time Same Day Dispatch
Bedingung new
Artikelposition 5055396122749
Weight (Grams) 413
Part Number MIT-103-179
Brand Mitutoyo
MPN 103-179
Typ anzeigen Analogue
Micrometer Type External
Measurement Units Inch
Micrometer Range 50-75mm / 2-3"
Resolution 0.001"
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