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Machine-DRO - About Us

We are a Family business with a strong customer focus

Founded in 2003, Machine-DRO offer exemplary customer service and technical expertise, delivered by our award-winning team of highly skilled electronic, electrical and mechanical engineers.

We offer a large range of Digital Readout equipment for machine tools and woodworking machinery, including our own brand M-DRO along with products from Easson, Newall, Mitutoyo, Acu-rite and Wixey.

We also supply a comprehensive range of hand measuring tools and metrology instruments from well-known brands such as Moore & Wright, Bowers, Mitutoyo, Sylvac and our own flagship range; M-SURE. For more details please see our dedicated site www.allendale-metrology.co.uk

With our head office and engineering facilities firmly placed in the United Kingdom we offer our customers the high level of quality and durability you would expect from a UK company, while maintaining competitive pricing.

With large warehousing facilities both in Hoddesdon (UK) and Hangzhou (China) we are able to serve our distributors and customers worldwide effectively and efficiently.

Machine-DRO is part of the Allendale Group Ltd, trading since 2003, Registered in England and Wales 04736681.

To learn more about our company please see www.allendale-group.co.uk