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Mitutoyo QuanuMike Fast Action Digimatic Micrometer
Mitutoyo QuanuMike Fast Action Digimatic Micrometer IP65 rated 293-182 Mitutoyo 50-75mm QuantuMike Measurement Details for QuantuMike range Mitutoyo Fast Action Waterproof Digimatic Caliper Series 293 Mitutoyo QuantuMike Mitutoyo 293-183 75-100mm Micrometer 293-183 Digimatic Fast Action QuantuMike

75-100mm (3-4") Mitutoyo 293-188 QuantuMike Micrometer IP65 - Ratchet Thimble

Part No:MIT-293-188
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Quick overview

Mitutoyo's advanced pioneering technology has created the next generation of micrometer, the most revolutionary advance in mircometer technology since James Watt invented the instrument.  A coarser thread means faster measurement, feeding the spindle by 2mm per revolution of the spindle. Range 75-100mm.

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  • A rapid action, waterproof digital micrometer that enables measurements to be made several times faster than a standard micrometer
  • The highly stable frame incorporates a heat shield to preserve accuracy over extended measuring sessions
  • A ratchet thimble guarantees repeatable measurement
  • An IP65 rating provides excellent resistance against oil, water and dust, enabling this product to be used in machining situations that include splashing coolant
  • Carbide measuring faces
  • Range 75-100mm (3-4")
  • Resolution - 0.001mm / .00005"
  • Accuracy - ±1µm / .00005"
  • Flatness - 0.3µm / .000012", Parallelism - 1µm / .00004
  • Protection - IP65 Coolant and waterproof
  • Battery - SR44

Quantumike from Mitutoyo - Speedy measurement is achieved thanks to 2mm of spindle feed for every thimble revolution! Mitutoyo is proud to have reached its leading position in the micrometer market through a spirit of innovation, imagination and creating added value. The QuantuMike brand of micrometer, inspired by this Mitutoyo Spirit, provides users with an excellent measuring experience with higher speed, quality and stability than ever before owing to the integration of sophisticated manufacturing and processing technologies. Trials show that a reduction in positioning times of 60% and measuring times of 35% can be obtained, compared with a conventional micrometer.

Mitutoyo History - Celebrating over 80 years in the Metrology industry! Mitutoyo started from humble beginnings in 1934 in Japan and are now recognised as a world leading manufacturer of measuring tools such as micrometers, calipers, and system instrument products such as co-ordinate measuring instruments, form measurement instruments and optical measuring instruments

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Bedingung new
Artikelposition 5055396171662
Weight (Grams) 621
Part Number MIT-293-188
Brand Mitutoyo
MPN 293-188
Produkttyp External
Measurement Units Inch / Millimetre
Typ anzeigen Digital
IP Rating IP65
Resolution 0.001mm (0.00005")
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