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Rotary encoder DRO-AT-O58-S10-2048-T33A
Rotary encoder DRO-AT-O58-S10-2048-T33A Optical rotary encoder 2048 PPR rotary encoder mounting plate Flyhead Connections DRO-AT-O58-S10-2048-T33A

2048 PPR Optical Incremental Rotary Encoder - 10mm Diameter Shaft and Synchro Flange Mount

Part No:DRO-AT-O58-S10-2048-T33A
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Quick overview

A 2048 Pulses Per Revolution (PPR) incremental rotary encoder, optical sensing type. With 10mm diameter shaft. The encoder can be mounted by the M4 threaded holes in the front face. 58mm diameter housing with rear cable exit. Industrial standard quadrature TTL output. Also known as a shaft encoder.
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  • 2048 Pulses Per Revolution (PPR) rotary encoder with TTL quadrature output
  • High accuracy optical technology incremental rotary encoder, ideal for commercial and light-duty industrial applications
  • Sturdy industrial aluminium housing with synchro flange and three M4 threaded holes for face mounting
  • Precision bearings fitted within the aluminium body provide smooth and long life operation
  • 3m cable with flying leads (contact us for connector options)
  • Equivalent to 0.04 degree angle resolution with x4 encoding
  • Sensor type - Optical
  • Shaft diameter - 10mm
  • Body diameter - 58mm

Application include: Angular position readout on rotary tables, dividing heads, linear motion when used on lead screws or encoder measuring wheels. Ideal for Pipe bending machines, factory automation, robotics, material handling, process control and machine tools.


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Bedingung new
Artikelposition 5056202937823
Weight (Grams) 591
Part Number DRO-AT-O58-S10-2048-T33A
Brand M-DRO
MPN DRO-AT-O58-S10-2048-T33A
DRO Type Rotary Encoder
Encoder Type Optical
Output Signal Quadrature
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